Sunday, February 6, 2011

Secret photo from Lisbon Workshop on Reconciliation!!!!

watch out for the uncertainty monster (left)!


Anonymous said...

More secret photos here and here!


Werner Krauss said...

Andreas, I do not agree with the first of your pictures (by Grosz?). It does not reflect at all the atmosphere at the workshop. In my perception, all of the participants were polite people interested in finding out what reconciliation might mean, with the best of intentions.

It might better fit to illustrate some of the blog discussions, where some commentators try to turn this workshop into an object of power struggles, uncontrolled desire and envy.
What about the second picture: does the wolf dance here with the lamb?

Anonymous said...

The first picture is by Malte Brekenfeld and named "Das große Fressen". I chose it because Judith Curry is rather well portrayed standing in the right. Here some more informations and paintings by Brekenfeld.

"What about the second picture: does the wolf dance here with the lamb?" Yes. I was looking for a picture of about 20 wolfes and 3 lambs, but hard to find.


Anonymous said...

My last secret picture:
It shows the moment at dinner with the participants discussing Gavins "The science is settled" under chathouse-rules. ;-)

Bet let's be more serious:
I'm wondering about your invitation. Why and when happened this? It's just because you are neither a climate scientist nor a sceptic. Was your role something as an observer from outside, similar to Traufetter und Pearce?


Werner Krauss said...

Why I was invited? I guess the committee finds my work / research interesting and relevant for the topic 'reconciliation in the climate debate'.

Concerning your statement that I am not a climate scientist: Which discipline 'owns' climate?

And what makes you think that the organizers only invited so-called skeptics? There was a whole range of attitudes concerning AGW (in my opinion, 'alarmists' outnumbered 'skeptics', with a solid middle ground of alarmists who are skeptical of the hockey stick, vclimategate and over-selling etc). No one talks about them - as if Gavin Schmidt were the only alarmist on this planet.That tells a lot about the fixation on celebrities in this debate, by the way, and the mutual dependence of famous skeptics / alarmists.

And to my knowledge, neither Gerald Traufetter, Fred Pearce nor I were invited as observers; instead, we were participants just like the others. The climate debate is as much a media and a cultural event as it is scientific one; so one can read this as a positive sign to open up the climate debate.

Anonymous said...

Asking your legitimation as a participant - maybe there is some confusion about the terms "Reconciliation" and "Reconquista" ... the workshop being held on the Iberian Peninsula ;-)


* by the way: the period of the Caliphate is considered as one of the golden ages for science and an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue