Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be afraid, be very afraid

We are all aware of the dire situation facing earth as we know it in the face of climate change, with dangers lurking in the not too distant years.  How do we know?  Well, there are outspoken scientists (no names – and there are only a few remaining) who seriously take it upon themselves to warn us.  There are well known prominent scientific journals (no names) that publish accounts of the coming doom.  And then there is the media and their frequent short horror stories – doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t.

I recently came across a small film, which, if we deconstruct it (all the rage these days) is a wonderful metaphor of what might await us.  The film depicts the battle between humans and nature.  High stakes, high uncertainty, stakeholder involvement, it is all there – in just over 2 minutes. Nature appears as a continually changing force, a torrent to be reckoned with.  Humans appear helpless in its wake.  Only a concerted effort diverts disaster.

While the film has nothing to do with climate change, a deconstruction allows us to see the conceptual similarities of what we might face if we continue doing as we do.  It is only a very short film but it is necessary to watch it until the bitter but happy end to catch the full metaphor.


Unknown said...

Human Climate Control Disproven. See considerthisinfo.com

Karl Kuhn said...

In German: "Realsatire"

(but only if you ignore the fat-tail risk ...)