Thursday, January 7, 2010

English version "An Inconvenient Democracy" of Nico Stehr and Hans von Storch

on Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog.


P Gosselin said...

The disaster that would ensue after the elimination of democracy ought to be taken much more into consideration. The proponents of a soft totalitarianism refuse to factor that in. Like their climate models, they ignore too much.

Stan said...

The first step on the path to wisdom is the recognition of our own ignorance (and fallibility). These climate scientists seeking totalitarian control are afflicted with a hubris which boggles the mind.

Especially given the extraordinary level of incompetence which underlies so much of their science. Perhaps they could invest some of their attention on siting and calibrating thermometers properly. They might want to figure out how to take the temperature without screwing it up before they lecture us on our political shortcomings.

Children learn in grade school to show their work. And the need to check it for accuracy. [aka transparency and replication] It might be nice for climate scientists to focus on raising the quality of their work up to grade school standards before they preach at us about what must be done. They might have more credibility.

P Gosselin said...

"Especially given the extraordinary level of incompetence which underlies so much of their science."
I'm not sure I'd call it incompetence. A clever accountant can make losses look like profits, or vice versa. However, tax authorities or Exchange Authorities don't accept nifty "tricks" as explanations.
No. These guys are very competent when it comes crunching numbers and drawing graphs. No doubt about it.