Monday, July 5, 2010

Dutch analysis of quality of WG II AR4 reports finds no significant errors

The PBL in the Netherlands has published its assessment of the WG II report of IPCC AR4. The Report and a press release are available on the net.


sHx said...

I take it they looked and considered pointless all the kerfuffle about Amazon rainforests. How do you say whitewash in Flemish?

Hans Erren said...

Witwasoperatie, de slager die zijn eigen vlees keurt (a butcher judging his own meat)

It would have amazed me if they would have concluded that the IPCC report was not internally consistent, given the blatantly biased cherry picking of available literature by the IPCC lead authors.

In the Netherlands some time ago there was a TV-commercial for toilet cleaner WC-Eend. The slogan they used was: "Wij van WC-Eend adviseren WC-Eend" (We from WCDuck advise WCDuck).

And that is wat this was: A WC-Eend report.

Richard S.J. Tol said...

As is often the case with (PBL) reports, the report is more instructive than the summary and the press release.

They found a number of new errors, most in one direction.

And they overlooked at least one further error. See my comment in the Economist: