Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Climate change in the media

I have just published an article, together with my colleague Ramesh Krishnamurthy who is a linguist. We analysed full text coverage of newspaper coverage on climate change in the USA, the UK, France and Germany over a 20 year period, using special software. We found some interesting results, for example, that different terms invoke different associations. Key concepts like 'global warming' and 'climate change' have different collocates in different countries. Some countries are emphasizing the scientific dimension whereas others are stressing political or moral aspects. You can read the full article here
Bear in mind that this is a pilot study based on uncleaned data downloaded from Nexis-Lexis, Our dataset stops in 2007. We are working on an updated and cleaned dataset, with a much more refined analysis. Watch this space!


Zajko said...

Looks interesting. It would be great to see a similar analysis for what happened in 2009/2010.

Anonymous said...

(@)Reiner Grundmann and Zajko,

first, in general it is great to see open access (articles/blogs etc.) -- leastwise ever online.

If I get the point right that you took only Google('s hits) solely "of February 19th 2008" and that after all "the Google frequencies were roughly matched by the Nexis data", then it will be interesting for instance to compare the results with the outcomings of future studies. Also it will be absorbing if we be able to envision the numbers around 19/11/2009. I commend humbly two further search terms which include "both" a "scientific dimension" and "political or moral aspects":

* "climategate"

* "climate scientist"(TM)

In later November 2009 we were able to watch Goggle's claim that the search engine got more than 27.000.000 hits for "climategate". 27.000.000 -- even already without attracting interest from most of the "Main Stream Media" ("quality"/"prestiged" papers/media etc.) Guess what! In mid December 2009 the Climategate term generated a greater number than the search results for "global warming" or "Co2".

But during that December something happened to climategate: nearly per day millions of ghits were seen disappearing, never to be seen again. Contemporary Google's algorithm asserts for example to count for "climategate" 3.500.000 and for climategate (searched without quotation marks) ~850.000 ghits. On the "other" side ghits for the search terms "global warming" and "CO2" increased immense by now to ~42.000.000 (GW) and ~41.000.000 (CO2).

--- --- ---

@all with regard to Google News,

does somebody has any idea under what conditions Klimazwiebel will be listet under Google News? I think this Klimazwiebel-Blog is relevant enough to appear newsworthy there. Yeah, well I am not really good in writing -- please engage with Google and/or other search engines.