Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spam filter

Dear readers and contributors,

a few months ago Blogger introduced a spam-filter, which apparently cannot be switched-off. The spam-filter seems to be too restrictive sometimes. Interpreting Blogger's description of the spam-filter it seems that it runs on  a learning algorithm, and hopefully, as time progresses, the algorithm will learn to tell spam from non-spam. I will try to look into the spam-filter often, but if you suspect that a comment has been unduly arrested, drop me a line, and I will bail it out.


Georg Hoffmann said...

But it's allways me! There is a conspiracy going on here.

OT Do you think that this affair has any relevance for climate science in general? Probably not.

eduardo said...

@ 1,

Georg, no I do not think it is relevant for science, but I think there a couple of things worth discussing about. We can open a thread..

Georg Hoffmann said...

Well at least I understand that Bradley thinks it's mildly ironic that someone who is critizising his work is actually copying his work. (I have Bradleys "Paleoclimatology" at home and it's not difficult to find some stuff).

But on the other hand, hell, what could he do? He never worked on that stuff, so he took a book (I would do the same). Ok, I should have taken another book. Just for good manners.

PS If this comes through it's already my second post in arow. The filter trusts me.