Monday, November 22, 2010

climategate app

Just found this app for your iphone. A selected (?) list of the hacked emails, with a search function. I have no idea who is behind this idea and what the intentions are.
In the description it says:
"The scientists who wrote the emails have been officially cleared of wrongdoing, by several inquiries in both the USA and Great Britain, so the emails, and some of the fascinating quotes contained therein, should not be interpreted as evidence of wrongdoing. For more information about the official reviews and their findings, please visit: ."

 and it goes on:

"(...), the emails contained in the Climategate App are an intriguing and rare insight into the professional lives of real scientists, and are valuable from the perspective of furthering our understanding of how Climate Scientists perform their daily work, and how our tax money is spent in the pursuit of greater knowledge."
A hint to the spectre where all this comes from are the special thanks go to John Costella, an Australia based scientist.


ghost said...

Nice find.

Hmmmmmm, the good John is even a leading expert in the Zapruder Film Hoax research (JFK murder conspiracy thingy). He is real open-minded scientist. Who can better expose the gigantic world-wide, never before seen eco-fascist, Green-Commie, global capitalist climate plot to rise our taxes and spoil our sacred, precious bodily fluids? (speech after Jack T Ripper, General, hm, retired today)

Do you know the movie: Dark side of the moon or in German: Kubrick, Nixon und der Mann im Mond?

Werner Krauss said...

Didn't now it, Dark side of the moon. Good fun, thanks!