Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another survey - this time in English

The ad-hoc survey, which I had used in German among passengers on a cruise-ship  and persons involved in water management, has been used by a European company involved in risk management.

About 38 people participated (so that 3% is 1 person),with this background
  • University graduate in a field unrelated to climate science - 52%
  • University graduate in a field related to climate science - 8%
  • Stakeholder in political or business decisions  - 32%
  • Interested citizen - 8%
The survey was done with a WLAN-based technology, so that answers popped up after a few seconds on a screen, and participants could see the overall result after having voted for in  private. Seemingly this format was very well received, maybe because it generated a perception of active participation of the audience

English questions were used, very similar to those in my German survey. For technical reasons (no multiple answers were possible) one of my questions, the one related to the manifestation of climate change could not be dealt with. All questions allowed only on answer.

Is climate change happening, whether due to manmade or natural causes?
yes: 82%, no 18%

Would you describe yourself as a climate-change sceptic?
yes: 39%, no 61%

Assuming climate change is a fact, what are its most likely causes, in your opinion?
  • Mainly natural factors (including solar activity)  - 14%
  • Mainly manmade emissions of greenhouse gases and other activities of civilisation - 43%
  • Both of the above - 41%
  • Neither of the above  - 3%
What should be the main aim now of climate policies?
To wait until more facts become available - 3%
To enforce significant emissions reductions - 15%
To provide incentives for technology upgrades necessary to achieve emissions reductions - 61%
To adapt to risks and to the changes they bring - 21%
Other - 0%