Wednesday, July 20, 2011

German statement in the UN on the imapct of climate change

A reader suggested that we share this document on the Klimazwiebel - namely a "Concept Note for the Open Debate of the Security Council on 19 July 2011":

Maintenance of international peace and security - the impact of climate change

by the The Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations New York


Anonymous said...

Imo food security is a serious and actual problem, but sea level rise is a possible future problem that is imo much less imminent and dangerous than overpopulation, energy and food problems.

Climate change may be part of those problems, but the problems are existing now and must be solved now and not in 100 years.

I sometimes feel like I'm trapped in an old fashioned Monty Python movie where every joke is extremely exaggerated. I just can't believe that people could be that much naive.

Imo the problems we are facing are real and we can't solve them by playing Lobby games. We have a world economy crisis and a global energy crisis. Many people have food supply problems that have nothing to do with climate change.

Why should we focus on climate change while the rest of our card house is already collapsing?

Best regards


OBothe said...

Why should we focus on climate change while the rest of our card house is already collapsing?

You're correct in your basic assertions and I find the way Mike Hulme dealt with these interacting problems in "Why We Disagree" quite convincing. However, concerning the quote above. That isn't the point of the concept note, is it? The note rather wants to highlight that climate change (not [Anthropogenic] Climate Change) may amplify the collapsing of the 'card house' by enhancing the food crisis and increasing the number and intensity of its security implications.

Anonymous said...


Yes I agree with you, but I wonder why we should focus on something that could happen in 100 years, when we could act now? If today the impact of climate change would be 1%, why shouldn't we deal with the other 99% right now?

People fighting against hunger all over the world already pointed out that focusing on climate change distracted people from the real problems due to the food crises.

Overpopulation is imo a much bigger problem than sea level rise. But I am just a lay man; some people reading these blogs are statisticians. They could tell us how much more overpopulation is already a problem today and how much it could be a much bigger problem than rising sea levels.

best regards

Anonymous said...

something funnier:

Germans about germans:

Ist es Ihnen manchmal peinlich, wie sich andere Deutsche im Ausland benehmen?

a) ja: 80 %
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Anonymous said...

If you're worried about overpopulation, you haven't seen the birth rates for the Western world.