Saturday, January 31, 2015

News: Weblog Climate Dialogue ceased its activity

We got informed that the climate debate at  Climate Dialogue has been ended, at least so far:

"Climate Dialogue, the site where both sides of the climate debate meet to discuss has formally come to an end as of January 2015. It was a  cooperation between KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)  and PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) and science journalist Marcel Crok  (

The setup to offer room for constructive discussions on such items as melting of the Arctic sea ice, long-term persistence, trend significance, regional modelling, tropical hot spots en climate
sensitivity, was successful and attractive enough, but drew lesser visitors than expected. There are plans for some trade-offs like scientific publications, a presentation at EGU2015 in Vienna, and a soon  to be published evaluation report to the Ministry of Infrastructure and  the Environment. Crok considers a possible restart, with partners from  his network. See paragraph on Climate Dialogue at Crok's site.