Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2nd reader survey on KLIMAZWIEBEL

We have again used the opportunity to survey our readers; no claims are made that this survey would lead to representative or even consistent results. Instead it is just a snapshot. Anyway, it turns out that really many of our readers are scientists - mostly natural scientist. A few decision makers and journalists are among our readers, but hardly any NGO members. And our readers read other blogs as well, in particular Climate Audit, but also Real Climate.

Total number of participants: 105

A scientist 51 48%
(natural: 45 (42%); social: 11 (10%); cultural: 1 (0%))
Not a scientist 26 24%

Journalist 6 5%
Decision-maker 6 5%
NGO-member 2 1%
Lay person 26 24%

Reading regularly
- Real Climate 40 38%
- Climate Audit 60 57%
- Klimazwiebel 48 45%


Werner Krauss said...

Sigh. 0% - more minority is not possible! Protect the cultural scientists, they are the polar bears of the Klimazwiebel!!!!

Hans von Storch said...

Even though I do not want to challenge your Polar Bear-position, the result may be related to my insufficient knowledge of English terms.
Also, the numbers are cut off, and not rounded, which would have given you a robust 1%.

Werner Krauss said...

1% - sounds much better! And we are at least two cultural scientists, because I did not vote. Maybe Lomborg is right, and there are indeed many more cultural polar bears out there!

TCO said...

Survey should have asked how many hard core climate scientists. I find that much more interesting than how many natural scientists (i.e. chemists, etc.)

Hans von Storch said...

Good suggestion, TCO - will do next time.

eduardo said...

I have a question for our decision-makers, perhaps they want to answer here anonymously.

What is your main source of information? do you read the full IPCC Reports, the technical summary, the Summary for Policy Makers, or reports referring to any of those?

I am asking because scientist keep squabbling about what should be included in the IPCC reports and perhaps this is actually not relevant for you at all.

Do you think that the IPCC Reports are useful in any sense?