Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adjust your hockey stick!

Please read these instructions closely before participating in the hockey stick debate:
'Based on years of experience we have compiled this guide in order to provide both seasoned climatologists, and newcomers to the climate debate with an in-depth guide to hockey sticks, as well as the knowledge required to make an informed choice when looking for the best hockey stick to suit their specific needs.
Over the last 20 years a combination of technological advances, adaptation of the game to artificial surfaces and consumer demand, has led to hockey stick manufacturers producing a wide range of products to suit all skill sets, playing styles, preferences and budgets.'


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a light-hearted derailing. I'm even amused that the shape of that hockey stick is not what I'm used to seeing.

Suggestion: Change the "comment" terminology to "article" in the "Guest commenters" sidebar. You're using comment software below the articles, for comments on the articles.

Anonymous said...

I choose to read the new header as "Guest rage" :-)

Anna said...

Personally, I'd never buy a hockey stick which hasn't passed the McIntyre-test ; )

But they never seem to pass it, do they?