Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hacked emails, Tricks & Popular Culture

here you can see one of the most popular news shows in the US, Jon Stewart's 'the daily show', and his interpretation of 'tricks' (you have to wait 2:30 min, but it is worth doing so):
(thanks to Brad King, grad. student at UTexas at Austin, for the link).
Climate scientists shouldn't underestimate popular culture; those folks out there are watching you! It is the context, the body language, the subtle pronunciation that make Jon Stewart's comment interesting. After having read dozens (or hundreds?) of comments on the 'trick', maybe one should consider this one as the 'final official statement'? They used a trick to hide the decline. Period. Blaming Inhofe in the end, in my opinion, is his tribute to political correctness, but the comment on the 'trick' comes as a warning. Many millions are watching Jon Stewart (instead of reading the New York Times).