Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gavin Schmidt and John Christy on CNN

Have a look here


bernie said...

It would be interesting to here your take on the extent to which the divergence of the tree ring data was acknowledged in the IPCC TAR report.
Gavin sees the following statement as being an acknowledgement of the divergence in the TAR3

“Furthermore, the biological response to climate forcing may change over time. There is evidence, for example, that high latitude tree-ring density variations have changed in their response
to temperature in recent decades, associated with possible nonclimatic factors (Briffa et al., 1998a).”

Was the divergence discussed in TAR4?

How much of an issue is the divergence for the overall validity of tree rings as temperature proxies?

Georg said...

Why not checking yourself?
In AR4 there are a bit more than two paragraphs on the divergence problem.

bernie said...

You are right on the AR4. I am still interested in a response to my initial question on AR3 and on Gavin's position.

Stan said...

Check out Steve McIntyre's latest.

If Mann vs. McIntyre were a boxing match, they'd have stopped it years ago for humane reasons. Mike's credibility has sunk about as low as it can go.