Monday, December 3, 2012

POPULEAKS - so what ?

Ich fand dies in meiner Mail Box - eigentlich ein interessanter Ansatz, oder?

...die neue Leak Revention Plattform POPULEAKS ( fragte Herrn Achim Steiner, UN Under- Secretary General und Executive Director, UN Environment Programme (UNEP): “What is your expectation of the World Climate Conference in Doha against the background of the carbon tax for U.S. airlines stopped by U.S. President Barack Obama?” 

Hier die Antwort: “UNEP is not expecting any movement on airline carbon taxes at the UN climate convention conference in Doha. Europe recently moved on this issue in terms of a carbon tax on flight into the EU but it triggered protests from several countries not just the United States.

“Nevertheless UNEP considers that international aviation and indeed shipping remain two sectors that should show more ambition in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to assist in bridging a still significant gap between ambition and reality-so this debate is far from over."

In Doha there are however many concrete issues that need to be taken forward by nations.
Firstly there needs to be some clarity on extending the Kyoto Protocol-the emission reduction treaty-until 2017 or 2020 in order to ensure that the protocol’s many innovative mechanisms such as the Clean Development Mechanism and Emissions Trading continue while countries look to negotiate a new international agreement by 2015, to come into operation in 2020.
Secondly, there needs to be improved clarity as to how the $100 billion pledged by developed nations to assist developing ones by 2020 will be realized including via the new Green Climate Fund.
Thirdly, among other key issues is the urgency of nations to accelerate and scale-up the overall level of ambition through national and international initiatives and complementary voluntary actions to reduce emissions during the next eight years.”

POPULEAKS konfrontiert Regierungen, Unternehmen sowie Nichtregierungsorganisationen mit den Behauptungen unserer Informationsgeber und fordert nachvollziehbare Antworten bzw. Informationen innerhalb eines Zeitfensters von zehn Tagen. Zudem agiert POPULEAKS selbst als Fragesteller hinsichtlich aktueller und öffentlichkeitswirksamer Themen, Ereignisse und Entscheidungen mit dem Ziel, Transparenz zu schaffen, Informationslecks zu minimieren und Spekulationen frühzeitig den Nährboden zu entziehen.